About image
Dilemma1 is my identity in the art world. I feel at home in digital art. I've been earning my living in the information technology industry for many years. I am passionate about scientific topics from medicine to mathematics and finance, and on the same day I paint a watercolor picture of a fishing boat.. Is that a dilemma? No, I don't see it that way. I don't have to choose between different ways of expressing myself artistically. And in real life I have the freedom to develop myself anyway. It's probably this drive that characterizes me best.
What I like about digital art is the tangible, the logical and mathematical aspect. at the beginning of the creative process.
Zero and one. I use them to create colors, geometric shapes and patterns. Individual images are created, which I put together again and again. 
Do I let this happen randomly or do I stick to a structure? Do I take A or B? One is true and zero is false. Now I have a dilemma.
As an autodidact, this process challenges me beyond my comfort zone. It's an experience I find exciting and one that I'm embracing the longer I do it.